Traditional hostels in Iran

Iran (Persia) is a country located in western Asia. The long-standing history of this country has made it one of the greatest nations in the world, a country of splendid art and culture. Visiting Iran as a tourist bestows you with the[...]
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Solo Travel to Iran as a female

Traveling as a solo woman around the world, always come with the risks without partiality. Meanwhile, the media tries to spoil the Iran's face more than its realities. However, is it possible to miss Iran without considering its tourist[...]
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Isfahan; Half of The World

If you have a short time during your Iran trip, we recommend you to put Isfahan city on your itinerary. The city is known as half of the world. When Shah Abbas the Great became king of the Safavid dynasty, he assigned Isfahan as the capital of[...]
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Boutique Hotels in Iran

If you're a professional world traveler or even a travel enthusiast, you've had various experiences about staying in modern hotels. Depending on what kind of hotels you chose, they provide some facilities during your stay. Luxury[...]
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Iran’s Safety

One of the most critical concerns of foreign travelers is Iran’s safety. Everybody keeps asking us different questions about this issue each day. For many years, most Westerners have considered Iran as one of the most unstable[...]
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